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Unveiling the Nutritional Power of Barkery Avenue Dog Treats

At Barkery Avenue, we're thrilled to introduce our latest creation: the Bee Happy Enrichment Kit. This pack is carefully crafted to provide your dog with a plethora of health benefits from natural ingredients. Let's dive into how our treats, enriched with turmeric, coconut flour, chamomile, eggs, bee pollen, honey, gelatine, and yogurt can elevate your furry friend's well-being. This kit is completely natural and designed to not only elevate your enrichment plates but to deliver health benefits too.

1. Turmeric:

Our Bee Happy Enrichment Kit harnesses the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric to support your dog's health. By combating inflammation and slowing down aging, turmeric promotes overall wellness. Plus, with added fat-rich components like olive oil, turmeric's absorption is optimized for maximum benefit.

2. Coconut Flour:

Delight your dog's taste buds with the nourishing goodness of coconut flour. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and high lauric acid content, coconut flour boosts the immune system and fights off viruses and infections.

3. Chamomile:

Infuse tranquility into your dog's routine with the soothing presence of chamomile. Whether your furry friend is anxious or experiencing mild gastrointestinal upset, chamomile provides a natural solution.

4. Eggs:

Our treats feature the nutritional prowess of eggs, rich in protein and essential nutrients vital for coat and skin health. Each bite promotes lustrous fur and healthy skin from the inside out, supporting overall well-being.

5. Bee Pollen & Honey:

Incorporating bee pollen and adding honey can enhance your dog's well-being. Bee pollen bolsters the immune system with vitamins and amino acids, while honey offers antioxidants and antimicrobial properties for overall health.

6. Gelatine:

Gelatine is a valuable addition to your dog's diet, offering a myriad of health benefits that support their overall well-being. Rich in collagen, gelatine promotes joint health and mobility, making it especially beneficial for active or aging dogs prone to stiffness and discomfort. Additionally, gelatine contains essential amino acids that support muscle growth and repair, contributing to overall muscle strength and vitality. Incorporating gelatine into your dog's diet can also promote digestive health by soothing the gastrointestinal tract and supporting the integrity of the gut lining. Our gummies are made with 100% grass fed beef gelatine.

7. Yoghurt:

Barkery Avenue's yoghurt and turmeric bees & honeycomb aren't just cute additions to your dog's enrichment plates – they're packed with probiotics that support digestive health. These treats contain beneficial bacteria that aid digestion.

Indulge your dog in the wholesome goodness of Barkery Avenue's Bee Happy Enrichment Kit. We’d also love to see how you use the components in the enrichment pack, so be sure to tag us @barkeryavenue and use #barkeryavenueenrichmentpack if you’re on socials. Before starting this wellness journey, consult your veterinarian to ensure suitability for your pet's unique dietary needs.


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